Who are GodArt?

GodArt (Jure Godler, Tilen Artac) is an original and brand new concept that combines three entertainment types, MAGIC, MUSIC & COMEDY.

A stage show performed by JURE GODLER & TILEN ARTAC, both Europe TV personalities and highly succesful musicians, magicians, comedians and actors.

The show is 1h15min in duration and contains images of human history presented in a unique surrealistic way, spiced up with cunning humor and colored with magnificent, modern state-of-the-art magic illusions. Jure & Tilen also perform many popular pieces on the piano and violoncello. The show is concluded with the merging of pop and classical musical styles in a unique way known to the world as GodArt. 

The GodArt duo has cooperated with notable artists like Police Academy movies star Michael Winslow and the Brothers Javorkai from Hungary.  


07.03.2013   Brežice - closed event - GodArt-live
13.02.2013   Idrija - closed event - GodArt-live
22.01.2013   Celjski dom, Celje - GodArt-live
09.01.2013   Narodni dom Mežica - GodArt
05.01.2013   Bistrica ob Sotli - GodArt-live
18.12.2012   KD Slovenj Gradec - GodArt-live
11.12.2012   SiTi Teater BTC Ljubljana - GodArt-live
10.12.2012   KC Janeza Trdine Novo mesto - GodArt-live
04.12.2012   Sokolski dom Škofja Loka - GodArt-live
22.11.2012   Ajdovščina - GodArt-live
20.11.2012   Gledališče Toneta Čufarja Jesenice - GodArt-live
23.10.2012   KD Postojna - GodArt-live
11.10.2012   Maribor - closed event - GodArt-live
04.10.2012   Ljubljana - closed event - GodArt-live
06.08.2012   Kranjska Gora - GodArt-live
12.07.2012   Bled - closed event - GodArt-live
07.07.2012   KD Lenart - GodArt-live


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