GodArt biografy


GodArt is an original and brand new concept that combines three entertainment types, MAGIC, MUSIC & COMEDY.

A stage show performed by JURE GODLER & TILEN ARTAC, both Europe TV personalities and highly succesful musicians, magicians, comedians and actors.

The show is 1h15min in duration and contains images of human history presented in a unique surrealistic way, spiced up with cunning humor and colored with magnificent, modern state-of-the-art magic illusions. Jure & Tilen also perform many popular pieces on the piano and violoncello. The show is concluded with the merging of pop and classical musical styles in a unique way known to the world as GodArt. 

The GodArt duo has cooperated with notable artists like Police Academy movies star Michael Winslow and the Brothers Javorkai from Hungary. 

Jure Godler

Jure Godler was born in 1984 in Slovenia. He studied musical composition at the Academy for Performing Arts Mozarteum. To this day he has composed around 350 musical pieces including operas, symphonies, sonatas, quartets, divertimentos and concertos. In 2003 he became a member of Radio Ga-Ga, the most successful Slovenian National Radio program and a year later, he joined the National TV show called Hri- Bar, where he portrayed a myriad of characters in over 100 shows. In 2004 he was selected a regular member of the most popular TV show On a Sunny Afternoon portraying the character Professor Godler, a musician who spends his time discovering origins of popular music pieces. In 2007 Jure Godler was awarded the Victor (Slovenian version of Oscar), for his outstanding achievements in television work. He is the youngest person in Slovenia to receive that award. In 2008 he became a member of The Magic Castle, Hollywood. Jure Godler is also the author of the number one best seller in Slovenia, Radio Ga-Ga – REVEALED (2008), which sold out the first month. It is a biography of his early TV and radio work. He performs successfully throughout Europe. Most notably for Sparkasse, European Parliament, Rotary Clubs, banks, Telecommunication Service Companies and classical music concerts and a variety of TV stations. Jure Godler’s unique brand of performing includes comedy, magic and music, successfully combined to offer a unique entertainment experience.  

Tilen Artač

Violoncellist Tilen Artac was born in Slovenia in 1985. In June 2007 he graduated magna cum laude at Music Academy in Zagreb, Croatia with professor Valter Dešpalj.

He is currently attending The Master Study Class for violoncello at The Music Academy in Graz in Professor Rudolf Leopold’s class and chamber music with Professor Chia Chou. During his studies he achieved great success. The first and second awards at the European competition Alpe-Adria in Gorizia (Italy). He is a member of the piano trio "Tempogiusto" which also won the first award and a golden prize at the national competition. As a solo and a chamber musician he has played at home and abroad: Moscow, Helsinki, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam (Cello Biennale 2008), Haag, Vienna, Salzburg, Venezia, Dubrovnik ... He has also played as a soloist with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra in the concert hall of Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb. Tilen is a member of Cellomania, an ansamble

of cellos and has performed with renowned artists like Mischa Maisky and Giovanni Sollima. Tilen has also studied with artists like Dimitry Ferschtman, Wolfgang Herzer and Reinhard Latzko. As a soloist, he has also performed with the United Orchestra of Annual Bled Festival in Slovenia. Tilen is also very active in the radio and television industry. He has been a part of the comic troupe Radio Ga-Ga for five years and is a star of the radio program “Radio Ga-Ga” and TV show “Hri-Bar”, both very successful and highest rated shows in Slovenia.